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Fake reviews are bad news. We’re doing it right by giving you the chance to have your say in an authentic, open, and honest space. Once you’ve tried products that you purchased independently or received through our brand campaigns, tell your Glam Fam all about it. They can’t wait to hear about your experience, and they’ll do the same – so you can read other reviews and buy from brands you know you can trust.

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Brands want to hear your opinions, and they want your feedback, so they can create YOU-nique products that solve YOUR pain points. So if you want better products and experiences – leave a review and speak your mind. Love it? Hate it? Got some advice to make it better? Let it out, glam’er. Talk to the brands through your videos and chats in our app.

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TGD donates to ‘1% For The Planet’. So cool!

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I am part of the conversation and have a seat at the table.

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Did you know: Nearly 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase?


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TGD is a social insights app connecting brands and shoppers under the umbrella of authenticity, integrity, and respect. TGD is empowering the next generation of authentic faces and voices.

Brands win the new generation of shoppers by launching their community-based product review and design projects on TGD.

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