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Ethel Emmons is a woman who gets things done. Never one to let something get in the way of pursuing her goals, her life is fueled by tenacity and determination. As a result, she’s experienced significant success as a global technology executive, skincare brand owner, and now, the founder and CEO of a startup called ‘The Glam Daily‘ or TGD for short.

Ethel was born in the Philippines and lived there until finishing her business degree. When she set foot on U.S. soil, she had nothing but $25 in her pocket and a dream of becoming a software engineer at Microsoft. “I wanted to work for Bill Gates.”

At the time, she was working on a project in San Francisco with one of the Big 5 consulting firms, and when it came to an end, she began seeking other opportunities that would allow her to stay in California.

“It was during the time of the .com boom, and there were lots of opportunities,” she says. Unfortunately, “There was no online job board or anything like that at the time.”

Every day, Ethel would buy numerous newspapers and carefully go through the employment ads until eventually landing a role with a tech startup called Netscape.

“It was a real jumping-off point for me. I also realized that your imagination is your only limitation. In the U.S., you have everything you need to be successful,” she says.

How TGD was

She received her MBA in Computer Information Systems, Electronic Business, and Management Sciences from Cal State U. Her learner mindset and insatiable thirst for knowledge took her to the various Executive programs at MIT Sloan, Cornell, Stanford, and Columbia Universities, eventually establishing herself as a senior technology executive at one of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

After a successful career, personal experiences, and a burning desire for change led her to pursue a different passion: Making clean and plant-based skincare more inclusive and accessible.

Authenticity matters

She left her job to attend Formula Botanica, a leading accredited school for organic cosmetic science based in the UK, where she earned a diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management. In 2020, she launched Skin Beautiful Organics.

During this time, she became familiar with the challenges brands face when reaching new audiences and receiving genuine feedback that could influence product-related decisions. Sure, she could pay an influencer to snap a photo with her product, but that wasn’t the same as an unbiased individual sharing their opinion and true word-of-mouth.

TGD was born

As a result, The Glam Daily was born – providing brands of all sizes with the ability to engage directly with consumers, specifically those in Gen Z, who can give honest feedback.

Consumers then benefit from brands creating products that they want to use. Brands hear directly from their customers about what’s working and what’s not. The net result: innovative products that solve the customer’s pain points and brands winning the hearts and minds of their customers.

Although she’s never worked with Bill Gates, Ethel’s commitment to herself and her success has taken her farther than she could have ever dreamed.

Ethel has so much to offer. Her unique stories of survival. The rocky roads she’s traveled. Her defiance of stereotypes. The wrong turns, the right choices, the life lessons she wishes she could tell her 20-year-old self. Her admirable confidence. Her resilience. Her raw voices of authenticity. These are all values she knows she shares with so many others, which is why she’s proud to be building a global community of visionaries and people who refuse to settle for less than what they deserve – the best.


– that’s how TGD was born. Today, we’re connecting brands and shoppers around the world to be part of the authenticity movement. They all meet in the middle to fuel our global community of next-gen thinkers, trailblazers, and game-changers who want to create a better world through inclusiveness, diversity of opinions, and authenticity.

About TGD

Glam Daily Life

Feel Heard. Be Seen. Be You.

Born in the wake of the global chaos and digital revolution, The Glam Daily is a social insights platform created to give a sprinkle of a healthy dose of glam into our daily lives – beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and homelife.

Ethel started TGD because she wants to give the faces and voices of the next generation a new platform to feel heard, be seen, and be authentic. While there are stacks of products out there, we make it easy to choose the best of the best through honestvideo product reviews

Unlike all the socials you already know and use on the daily, we’re more about authenticity, deep connections, and real experiences with real people. Today, TGD is one of the fastest-growing niche lifestyle platforms worldwide, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our glam daily life.


…To support your personal transformation journey through a next-gen social insights platform, so you can be your best self and live your best life, every day, forever.

We believe being “glam” is more in the mind than on your skin. It’s your attitude, your confidence, your influence. It’s putting your best self center-stage and making a difference in a way only you know how.

Our mission

We’re here to make brands win the hearts and minds of their target audience through insights and social proof. To stand out in today’s very competitive market, brands need access to data and insights that help them understand what their target audience really thinks and feels about their products. These invaluable insights drive them to make more of the best quality products that solve real pain points.

At the same time, we empower the new generation of shoppers to be the real faces and voices behind these insights. We believe their opinions matter. They expect change and deserve the best quality products. Brands are paying attention, so the more voices we bring to the TGD platform, the stronger our case for change becomes.

Founded by a woman in tech, TGD is primed and poised to be the face of lifestyle innovation. Who knows who you might inspire by just being you? Our founder found out, and we hope you’ll be next.

What’s the deal?

Here’s what you get with TGD:

  • Authentic video product reviews you can trust
  • Insights into what we really think and feel about the brands and their products
  • True word-of-mouth and social proof
  • The keys to an inclusive, diverse, and glam fam you can relate to
  • Connected experiences and feedback
  • Free products and fees on brand-organized product review and design projects


What makes this work?

The Glam Fam is a community of trust and genuine support for each other. Remember, we’re all in this together to make this space a better place. And hey, we need this place to be fun and engaging, too!


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