Authentic Faces and Voices

TGD is empowering the next generation of authentic faces and voices. No spams, no fakes, no bots, no pods, no influencers. We are about real people with honest feedback who want to talk to you directly and tell you exactly what they think and feel about your brand and products. In exchange, they want real change. They expect you to do something about their feedback.

Brand Voice Amplification

Your brand has some serious drip. That’s no secret. We’re just here to make sure your dream audience sees it too. Consumers today care about the community, and by joining ours, you’ll improve brand discovery through authentic product reviews like never before. Ready to amplify your brand voice loud and clear for the whole world to hear? If there was ever a no-brainer way to build brand loyalty, this is it.

Authentic Product Reviews

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their closest friends? With 91% of people reading online reviews regularly, can you afford not to have authentic ones? Your audience isn’t basic…they can spot a fake review from a terabyte away. That’s why TGD is building empowered communities of shoppers who can leave authentic product reviews. Just what you need to build a perpetual buzz around your brand.

Social Proof

Our product reviewers would love to tell their experiences and opinion about your brand and products. This is just one way we’re building your brand equity and credibility among the next generation of shoppers – through word-of-mouth and organic user-generated digital content. With TGD, you have uninterrupted access to a creative and authentic way to skyrocket your exposure among those who matter.

Community-Driven Product Design

As a rising social community focused on the next generation of shoppers, we’re changing the rules of the game by getting your audience involved with product design ideas. By getting your audience involved, brands like yours can solve actual pain points more head-on, drive more sales, and establish your presence with confidence. Empowering your end customers to play a role in the design and development of products they get at the end of the day, you’re proving that you’re a brand of the future. Are you in?

Structured Product Sampling & Reviews

How do you usually organize product reviews? When 1000s of testimonials pour in, controlling the chaos can be tough alone. That’s where TGD steps in to organize and manage your product reviews for you while sharing volumetric product feedback. There is no minimum fee to use TGD for this. All you need to do is sign up and create your product review projects or campaigns.

A Social Community Focused on Being Glam on the Daily

Can you think of any other social platform that targets beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home niches? Us either. That’s why we made it. Unlike other social platforms that cover a broad base and a variety of topics, you can get lost in the sea of voices, faces, and advertising. Instead of speaking to vague audiences less likely to convert, we target shoppers who already need what you offer. This is how you capture attention – by engaging with the right people. With TGD, shoppers can connect with you and other shoppers, sharing their experiences using your products.

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We’re pretty fussy about the kinds of brands we invite to be featured on our social insights app. Lucky for you, you must be reading this ‘cause you’re one of them: A brand that’s passionate about beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home. A brand that wants to make a difference and leave the world in a better state than you found it in. A brand with big dreams to get more exposure, be seen by the next generation of consumers, and connect with digital natives who adore you.

Sound like you? Great. Then let’s continue.

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Authenticity Vibe Check

If this were the ‘80s, we’d probs still be binge-watching cheugy infomercials, gullibly taking their word that their stuff is drip. But today, things are different. Folks aren’t as naïve as they used to be, and they need to see real reviews from real people before dropping a dime.

TGD Authenticity

Shoot Your Brand into the Next Generation

Be the Powerhouse You Were Born to Be

The most successful brands have one thing in common: They choose partners that give a bleep. Remember, TGD does more than help you get a few more customers through your digital doors.

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We doll up your brand through:

  • Authentic Faces and Voices
  • Brand Voice Amplification
  • Authentic Product Reviews
  • Social Proof
  • Community-Driven Product Design
  • Structured Product Sampling and Reviews
  • A Social Community Focused on Being Glam on the Daily
  • More Exposure Than You Can Handle!

Once you’ve got the app, you can apply in seconds. We’ll schedule your quick 30-min brand meeting to get everyone on the same page and boost your chances of infinite success. The only question is, are you ready for more exposure and sales than you can handle? If so, you know what to do.

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