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Tell Your Story

TGD is empowering the next generation of authentic faces and voices. We are about real people with real stories to tell about their daily routines to daily glam!

What do you do to get that dewy, glowing skin? What’s your favorite color to make those beautiful eyes pop? How do you like a plant-based morning smoothie? What’s the best part of your wardrobe capsule? Tell us about your holiday getaway! What makes you feel glam every day? We wanna know all the deets!

A minimum of 60-second video (up to 3 minutes) is all it takes to tell us what you like and don’t like about the products you use.

Build Your Personal Brand

With TGD, YOU are your own brand TOO! We’ll help you build and develop a personal brand that reflects who you are, your passions, and your vision for the future.

Let us help you write your story and grow a captive audience that cares. Build your reviewer profile and use your credibility to influence the brands to make a change – for the best!

If you have a well-established reviewer profile, brands will come to you for their product review and design projects. This is a great chance to collaborate with brands that you love.

Discover New Products & Brands

Did you know that 30,000 products are launched every year? That’s enough to fill an average grocery store. How do you keep up with the latest and the greatest innovation?

This is why joining the TGD Glam Fam is a must! Discover new products and new brands that make you feel and look glam daily – beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home.

Found something new that you want your Glam Fam to try? Share and tell us about how you like (or not) your new find.

Tell the Brands What Your Really Think

Have you ever bought a product and wished you could tell the brand directly how you love it (or not)?

What if you have ideas on what brands can do to improve their products’ design, features, and functionality so you can love them more?

With TGD, you got the brands listening. Tell them what problems you want them to solve.

And tell your Glam Fam all about them! They will do the same so that you can learn about the good and the bad about what others have been experiencing about these products too!

Make Money

With TGD, brands launch their product review projects to gather feedback about their existing products and product design projects to get customer insights about new product features and functionality. The main goal is to enable the brands to create products that you love and solve your pain points.

You can apply to participate in those projects. This is where your reviewer profile comes in handy. Brands get to choose the best reviewers who have experience in providing authentic, thoughtful, and constructive feedback. They also set how much they pay you for each project.

What’s more? If you have an affiliate link to products you are reviewing, you can include that link in your post and keep all your earnings 100%. It’s your work and it’s your money. You deserve all of it!

Network with Like-Minded Glam’ers

TGD is building empowered communities of shoppers who can leave authentic product reviews. Be part of the Glam Fam and meet fellow Glam’ers who are passionate about beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home. Come as you are. Be authentic. No vanity.

 You don’t need to get stalked by followers who are not into your jam.

 You don’t need vanity metrics to prove who you are.

 You don’t need to check your post every second to see how many likes or shares you got.

 You don’t need to join engagement pods or pay for bots to boost your metrics.

A Social Community Focused on Being Glam on the Daily

Can you think of any other social platform that targets beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home niches? Us either. That’s why we made it. Unlike other social platforms that cover a broad base and a variety of topics, you can get lost in the sea of voices, faces, and advertising. Instead of speaking to vague audiences less likely to connect and engage, we target a community of shoppers who cares. With TGD, you can connect with other shoppers and learn about their experiences. This information can help you decide whether you buy the products and support the brands.

Ready to join the Glam Fam?

Here’s how.

We’re pretty fussy about the kinds of people we invite to be part of the TGD Glam Fam. Lucky for you, you must be reading this ‘cause you’re one of them:  You’re passionate about beauty, wellness, fashion, travel, food, and home. You want to make a difference and leave the world in a better state than you found it in. You want to have a seat at the table and influence brands to make the right choices and create products that solve real problems. You want your voice to be heard. You want to be simply you, without the vanity metrics and fake-ness in other social media platforms.

You want to be more like you.

Sound like you? Great. Then let’s continue.

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The year 2022 is all about channeling your inner Madonna vibes to express yourself. Technically, that was 1989, but hey, it’s close enough to the 90s which is where much of the inspiration for today’s makeup trends has sprung. It’s a bit of nostalgia melded with some futuristic styles, so take a look below and try some of these out!

Be the Next Generation of Authentic Faces and Voices

Be the Powerhouse You Were Born to Be

The most successful personal brands have one thing in common: They have authenticity and integrity. They have earned the respect of their social community, so they are the go-to for anything and everything. Remember, TGD does more than help you get a few more brand partnerships.

TGD is about creating powerful influence to make transformations happen. This is much deeper than vanity metrics.

Join the TGD Glam Fam


We doll up your personal brand through:

  • Authentic Faces and Voices
  • Authentic Product Reviews
  • Social Proof
  • A Social Community Focused on Being Glam on the Daily
  • More Exposure Than You Can Handle!

The only question is, are you ready for more exposure and sales than you can handle? If so, you know what to do.

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